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As an author, you know the value of words. But writing a book isn’t a destination: it’s a whole amazing journey and we at Influence Spotlights know you can’t wait to share yours with your audience! Join us in our custom author and book interviews and help your reader base get to know you.

Our author interviews are semi-structured to allow you to touch upon any and all topics and points of discussion you’d like to address: from what makes you tick or get up in the morning to what a writer’s life looks like. We will ensure you are completely at ease and fuel your confidence so you can talk about your passion and inspire others.

And we want to share exactly what you want about your book.  Remember, these interviews can be edited so don't overshare!

It simple — Send us a brief outline of the topics you’d like to cover in your interview. During the interview, we will bring your story in an authentic, effective and inspiring way to help your audience get to know you and your passion. 

Take it a step further — We can record the video of your interview and edit or add imagery to further enhance it. 

Transcribe it — Your author interview can also be transcribed and turned into a persuasive blog post, exciting newsletter or added to your podcast or YouTube channel. Make sure to distribute it via social media to reach even more readers!

You get the audio file to use as you like:

  • Blog post

  • Newsletter

  • Podcast

  • Video

  • All of the above

Any of these can be distributed through:

  • Email

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn 

  • Many many more.

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