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Content Creation

Harness the Power of Interview-Based Marketing for Diverse Content Creation

Unlock your brand's potential with impactful "Authentic Marketing" strategies.

Capture the essence of your brand and engage your target audience with genuinely crafted content.

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Your Guide & Host, Chris Templeton

Struggling to produce compelling content that reflects your brand's authentic voice? Feeling disconnected from your audience due to generic marketing strategies? Or worse, do they feel disconnected from you?
Content creation should NOT be so difficult!

Influence Spotlights

We understand that content creation can be overwhelming.

We focus on unveiling your authentic messaging that

engages your audience and drives the results you desire.

All through a straightforward professional interview process.

Expert Content Creation Partner

We provide a tailored process to help you communicate your brand's unique story. As a result, you connect with your audience on a deeper level.


Authentic Storytelling

We recognize the importance of genuine, relatable content. Our mission is to help you convey your brand's message through authentic storytelling that resonates and connects with your audience.


Diverse Content Formats

We adapt your story into various formats, such as video, audio, or text. This maximizes reach and engagement across varying channels.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our content creation services bring significant cost savings, especially when compared to traditional marketing strategies. At the same time, it delivers high-quality, impactful content that drives results. A 15-minute interview generally produces 1,500 words of content.

Client Success and Satisfaction

We are dedicated to helping our clients succeed by creating content that truly represents their brand's values and vision. We love helping to build lasting connections with our client's audiences.

A Simple and Easy Process

Step 1:  Collaborate

Collaborate to identify your goals for your target audience. Determine unique story and objectives.

Step 2:   Record

Record a professional interview on the topics for your audience. You will shine, and your audience will get the entire message.

Step 3:  Transform

We transform your interview into formats for your content creation needs.

Step 4:   Distribute

Distribute the content across multiple channels to maximize audience engagement and reach.

Content Creation Made Simple and Easy


continue investing time and money into marketing efforts that don't align with your values and fail to connect with your target audience.

The battle of producing content that doesn't resonate with your brand is futile. When you're unable to connect with your audience, it results in an even greater waste of time and resources.


tap into your hidden marketing potential and craft marketing that genuinely reflects your brand, captivating your audience. When they feel a deeper connection with you, is when the results you've been seeking truly materialize.

Position yourself as the thought leader your audience needs. This is the essential formula for achieving lasting success.

For All Kinds of Content

You get video, audio and text files to use as you like:

  • Blog post

  • Newsletter

  • Podcast

  • Video

  • All of the above

They can be distributed through:

  • Your Website

  • Email

  • Social Media

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn 

  • Many many more.

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