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Leverage the power of multimedia marketing

Boost sales, increase customer retention, and drive more traffic, all while showcasing your enticing offerings with the help of audio and video marketing. Influence Spotlights bring the magic of storytelling to your fingerprints with cutting-edge, custom-tailored multimedia marketing solutions.

Our specialty lies in radio-style interviews, which are ideal for author websites, webinars, podcasts, and more. They also come with a transcription so you can easily adapt them into a newsletter, website content, a blog post, and so much more.

  • A new way to connect - Harness the power of storytelling while showcasing your expertise and sharing with your target audience what makes you and your business-tick.

  • Affordable - At only a fraction of the cost of live-action video, Influence Spotlights help you connect with your customers without breaking the bank.

  • Excellent ROI - In today's competitive market, connection pays off. With Influence Spotlights, you reach the right audience and reap the rewards in the form of outstanding marketing results and excellent ROI.

​Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. A video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by a whopping 34%! Influence Spotlights will help you convey your message in an emotional, persuasive way through multimedia, build trust, and showcase your expertise. The results? Nothing short of fantastic.

How it works

No script — we let you be yourself. To make sure you can truly showcase you and your offer, we ask you to provide us with a simple outline of the topics you’d like to cover.
No live action videos — no video camera, expensive lighting, or uncomfortable make-up. 
Easy to share — From email, across social media and YouTube to expand your reach.
Sales and marketing oriented — a video that really gets you the results you want.

Spotlights Explainer

How video content can help you

Video storytelling is an incredibly powerful medium that helps you connect with your audience, build stronger brand recognition, and nurture relationships with your customers. With Spotlights, we place the emphasis on genuine, authentic content that converts.

"I just want to bask in the light of the heartfelt comments which you so warmly and genuinely elicited from our customers. YOU are amazing."
-Mimi Glavin, The Playful Garden

Share your expertise

  • Share exciting, relevant information with your audience.

  • Build trust and brand recognition.

  • Position yourself and your organization as the authority.

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