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Podcast Consulting

Leverage the power of Podcasting

You know you have so much to share and that a podcast is a perfect vehicle.

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Your Guide & Host, Chris Templeton

Are you unsure of how to start your podcast journey or overwhelmed by the process, struggling to create and share your message with the world? It doesn't have to be that hard!

Influence Spotlights

Chris has been on both sides of the mic, as both a host and a guest. Creating a podcast you and your audience will love can be a straightforward process when we collaborate to understand your message and your audience

Expert Podcasting Partner

We provide comprehensive podcasting services, guiding you from ideation to launch and beyond, ensuring your podcast reaches and engages your ideal audience.

Outstanding Experience

Chris has hundreds of on-air radio interviews over 10 years for his local chamber of commerce.  He has also done almost the same number of live presentations. Chris brings the experience you need to shine in the spotlight and create an authentic connection with your audience

Strategic Planning

We understand the challenges of starting a podcast and crafting a compelling narrative. Our goal is to help you develop a clear, strategic plan for your podcast's success.

Technical Guidance

We offer expert advice on podcast equipment, recording techniques, and best practices to ensure you create high-quality audio content that resonates with your audience.

Ongoing Support

Our podcasting services extend beyond the initial launch, providing ongoing support and guidance to help you grow and evolve your podcast.

A Simple and Easy Process

Step 1: Consultation to understand your podcast's goals, target audience, and content ideas.

Step 2: Develop a strategic plan for your podcast, including format, episode structure, and release schedule.

Step 3: Provide guidance on podcast recording equipment and best practices.

Step 4: Launch your podcast and provide ongoing support for continued growth and audience engagement.

Podcasts Made Simple, Straightforward, and Compelling


continue feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the state of your podcast. It's not worth losing the opportunity to share your message and connect with your audience.


partner with a podcasting expert who can guide you through the entire process, ensuring your podcast captivates your audience and becomes a platform for your success.

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