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Take your Client's Marketing To The Next Level

Few things are as frustrating as trying to drag out the essence of what your client want's to bring to the world.  You're good at what you do, but if your client could only clearly articulate their offer... you could do even better on their behalf.

We want to be your marketing secret weapon in bringing out the best of your clients with their audiences. Mention Marketer Welcome and we'll either do an interview of you or a client at half-price.  That's $50 for a 30-minute interview or half that for a 15-minute interview.


Spotlights Explainer

​Influence Spotlights provides a suite of services designed to connect with your client's audience in a unique and exciting way. By leveraging the power of storytelling through client interviews, and co-hosting, we create inspiring content that drives action and helps your client's message reach their target audience effectively.

Get to know our content creation products

Browse our featured podcasts and audio content products and see for yourself how we’ve made our clients brands connect with their audience.

Below we have three types of Spotlights for your review.  



Take your interview to the next level with our special interview with imagery option. We will record the interview with either video or audio-only. We then edit it professionally and then add relevant imagery. The goal is to find complimentary images that enhance your message and help retain your audience’s attention. We can also animate them to make your interview all the more engaging.

Prices vary based on the complexity and length. Typically, a 5-minute video with images starts at $350. The number of images, length, animation, and movement inclusion drive the price. On the high end, videos typically come at approximately $1,000.

Our interviews with imagery
​We loved helping our clients enhance their message with the help of visual imagery. Check out our portfolio of featured interviews.

Lou Penning Landscapes
We sat down with Lou and Ben Penning to discuss what makes a business successful and what 30 years running one looks like. We conducted the interview at the Influence Spotlights studio: once edited, we used imagery provided by LPL to fully showcase the range of services Lou and Ben offer to their clients. We were thrilled to work with Lou and Ben as they share our values and stressed the importance of delivering the same level of service they, as customers, would expect. 

Eric Sherwood Construction
We teamed up with Eric Sherwood on a multi-stage project that started with his website. Once it was up and running, we set up a special interview to showcase his business and his approach towards both his customers and his sub-contractors. The interview touched on the professional aspects of Eric Sherwood Construction, but also the personal side of running a business. To compliment these, we selected images from an assortment of projects he has completed over the years—this helped add a layer of credibility to the interview and really introduced Eric to his potential customers.


How it works
Our live action interviews are usually done via an online meeting. We recommend you provide us with a brief outline of the topics and discussion points you’d like us to cover. Don’t worry about scripts: Influence Spotlights will take it from there! Our seasoned hosts will ensure you feel comfortable and completely at ease and help you share your message and find your voice. Upon request, we can also shoot our live action interviews with a green screen so you can edit the background.


Prices start at $125 for an unedited recording. Based on any extras you’d like to add and the level of editing, most live interview projects we complete fall in the $200-$750 range.

Our featured live interviews
​See for yourself how Influence Spotlights has helped business owners and authors connect with their audience and deliver their message successfully.  

Mastering Online Meetings Book Interview
We interview Michael Fraidenburg, the author of Mastering Online Meetings, in November 2019. Mike’s proficiency in running online meetings will certainly come in handy now and he was more than happy to sit down and discuss with us the components of an effective meeting… even if the parties are split by thousands of miles of distance.  

Conceptual Options
Two Dads Same-Sex Surrogacy Interview
This is the incredibly enlightening tale of two gay dads and their journey into the complex world of surrogacy. The process of surrogacy is still shrouded in mystery and many same-sex couples encounter additional hurdles. We talked about the surrogacy in 21st century and the hoops Michael and Wes had to jump through to get their happy ending.

Live Action


How it works
Our audio products are specifically designed to make it easier for brands to connect with their audience. Our goal is to convey your message through your brand’s voice—and we mean that literally. Typically, we will host an interview where you’ll have the chance to tell your customers about you, your business and what you stand for. If you’d like to put a face to the name, we can also capture the interview via video. What’s more, our audio interviews can easily be converted to text via next-gen automated transcript tools. We also offer specialized video editing services and can combine your audio with live action, pictures and b-roll video content to make it even more impactful. 

We understand you might want more independence and we are prepared to pull ourselves out of the interview to ensure the focus stays on you. On the other hand, if you’d like a little bit more guidance, we are happy to be an active part of the interview and collaborate with you for best results.

Prices start at $125 for an unedited 15 minute recording. We offer different tiers of editing and customized video content services with varying prices. Typically, most audio projects cost between $150 and $500. Give us a call or get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a quote!

Get to know our audio content products
​Excited already? So are we! Browse our featured podcasts and audio content products and see for yourself how we’ve made our brands connect with their audience.

Top Secrets Podcast 200826.jpg

TopSecrets Podcast
We teamed up with David Blaise, the founder of, to create impactful content that uncovers the secrets of digital marketing and sales. Since then, we have over 49 successful podcasts under our belts that help David’s fans not only hone their marketing skills but learn from David’s personal experience. Get a taste of the TopSecret Podcast here! ​

book cover cropped 759x500.jpg

Unpacking God Podcast
We collaborated with Michael Cooke, the author of the "Unpacking God for the 21st Century, A Guide For Growing Your Soul" to help his content reach even more people. In the podcast, we discussed the various aspects of the book, deconstructed how they apply to the modern world and the role of Christianity in the 21st century. ​
Click here to visit Michael's YouTube page.

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