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Interview with Author John Sant'Ambrogio

I had the pleasure of interviewing author John Sant Ambrogio recently about his new book "Women Rising". John has an incredible background as a cellist in the Boston Symphony Orchestra and he has seen firsthand the challenges that women face in male-dominated fields.

His book tells the story of how a mysterious event causes women to grow taller than men, flipping traditional gender roles on their head. Through this fictional scenario, John explores important themes of prejudice, equality, and finding common ground between groups that oppose each other.

In our discussion, John shared insights from his own life experiences and musical career that inspired him to write "Women Rising". He also discussed the spiritual and religious elements in the book, and how storytelling can be a better way to spread messages than lecturing. John believes that understanding others' perspectives is the key to overcoming division.

It was fascinating to learn about John's creative process and the feedback he has received on tackling such timely topics. His willingness to have thoughtful yet optimistic conversations about societal issues makes him a role model for bringing people together. I'm glad I could help share John's message of appreciation and unity.

Be sure and check out John's website and buy his book here

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