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Intelligent Courage Interview

In my recent conversation with Michael Fraidenburg, the author of the new book, "Intelligent Courage, Natural Resource Careers THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE", we delved into the intriguing themes and motives behind the book. Mike's primary reason for writing his book was to capture the knowledge and insights gained from successful careers that were not imparted through conventional academic channels. He believes that these different stories can provide the foundation for inspiring the next generation who want to make a real and positive difference in the world.

During our conversation, we explored the topic of finding career satisfaction through meaningful work that aligns with personal values and goals. The book's interviewees emphasized that they were not content with merely following a predetermined path; instead, they aimed to create something specific and meaningful in their respective fields. By doing so, they felt more fulfilled and accomplished, making their careers more satisfying overall.

Another critical aspect we discussed was the significance of "street smarts," which refers to the practical knowledge and understanding of how the world works. Unlike theoretical knowledge obtained through formal education, street smarts are essential for navigating the complex realities of various fields. All eight interviewees stressed the importance of street smarts in their respective careers, which helped them achieve success and overcome various obstacles.

Furthermore, the interviewee highlighted the importance of understanding human decision-making behaviors to achieve sustainability. He stressed the need to work with people and build collaborative relationships as a necessary but insufficient condition for success. From Mike's perspective, it's essential to have both technical expertise and street smarts. This includes a deep understanding of the human decision-making processes. This will allow them to thrive in today's dynamic and ever-changing work environment.

In conclusion, our conversation covered various themes and insights that are crucial for anyone looking to make a meaningful difference in their career. The book, "Intelligent Courage, Natural Resource Careers THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE," is an excellent resource for those seeking to learn from successful professionals and gain the skills and knowledge required to achieve their career goals.

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